Content Adaptive De-Interlacing Algorithm
Patent Information:
Filing Country: USA
Application No: 11/433630
Filing Date: 12 May 2006
Patent No: 7907209
Issue Date: 15 March 2011
Inventor 1: Prof. Oscar Chi Lim, AU
Inventor 2: Mr. Tak Song, CHONG

A new content adaptive de-interlacing (CADI) algorithm is designed to convert interlaced video to progressive video. Interlaced video has been widely adopted in current TV transmission standard. However, there are also several visual drawbacks like edge flicker, interline flicker, and line crawling. On the other hand, progressive video has been adopted by PC community and internet-processing tasks, since it does not have any visual drawbacks in interlaced video and simplifies many image-processing tasks. De-interlacing is needed to convert interlaced video to progressive video, for compatibility with existing TV transmission standard. This invention, the CADI algorithm, works by interpolating the missing field based on the local image characteristics (smooth, horizontal edge, vertical edge and texture) and choose it most appropriate de-interlacing algorithm. A novel vector matching algorithm is also introduced for interpolating missing pixels in horizontal edge regions. As a result, it produces significantly high quality de-interlaced frame in terms of both subjective and objective quality in a wide range of video sequences. This CADI algorithm can adapt to local image characteristics and produces high quality de-interlaced frame in most situations. It can also adaptively change the search range according to the edge gradient and interpolate the pixels in the horizontal edge region accurately - functions not available in conventional algorithms.
Potential Application   Advantage
- All progressive (non-interlace) display system   1. High perceptual quality, especially for near-horizontal lines
2. Low complexity
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