Motion Estimation and Compensation of Feature-Motion Decorrelation
Patent Information:
1. Filing Country: USA
Application No: 13/259199
Filing Date: 23 September 2011
Patent No: 9286691
Issue Date: 15 March 2016
2. Filing Country: China
Application No: 201080017129.3
Filing Date: 17 October 2011
Patent No: ZL201080017129.3
Issue Date: 21 August 2013
Inventor 1: Prof. Weichuan, YU
Inventor 2: Mr. Tianzhu, LIANG

This novel coupled filtering method may give more accurate tissue deformation analysis for medical diagnosis purpose. In ultrasonic diagnosis, the echographic images are generally distorted, skewed, deformed, compressed and appeared noisy. The inventive image-processing method tries to analyze the tissue information, including its texture and motion, from the series of echographs. It aims to compensate the two types of image pattern variations that cause the problem of feature-motion decorrelation in the traditional ultrasound based elasticity imaging, namely, the geometric transformation of image patterns corresponding to the tissue motion, and intensity change of image patterns due to a different constructive/destructive interference of reflected ultrasound waves.
Potential Application   Advantage
Such an image analysis method has been tested with locally affine tissue motion and is ready to be integrated into various ultrasound systems as a computation module, which can be customized for different machines.

Besides, the method is adaptable in massive parallel computation through cloud computing clusters or through GPU/CPU. The algorithm has been successfully implemented on both CPU and GPU. The performance in terms of image quality and speed has also been demonstrated by using parallel computing.

This innovative technology can potentially be used for real-time clinical diagnosis of heart diseases and cancer. It is positioned in the lucrative market of medical device, with its market covering all hospital using ultrasound imaging systems. Ultrasonic medical equipment providers or electronics companies which focus on medical imaging equipment are welcome to exploit further performance and accuracy enhancement of the algorithm to facilitate real-time 3D ultrasonic imaging in clinical usage.
  1) Accurate tissue deformation analysis for medical diagnosis purpose
2) Ready to be integrated with existing ultrasound imaging systems
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