Luminogen Compounds and the Use of the Same for Biosensing and Cellular Imaging
Patent Information:
1. Filing Country: USA
Application No: 13/422374
Filing Date: 16 March 2012
Patent No: 9475768
Issue Date: 25 October 2016
2. Filing Country: USA
Application No: 13/728150
Filing Date: 27 December 2012
Patent No: 9518921
Issue Date: 13 December 2016
Inventor 1: Dr. Wing Yip, LAM
Inventor 2: Prof. Benzhong, TANG
Inventor 3: Dr. Yang, LIU
Inventor 4: Dr. Yong, YU

Cellular thiols are essential biomolecules that play important roles in biological systems. Many health problems, such as Alzheimer!|s disease, leucocyte loss, liver damage, psoriasis, cancer and AIDS are known to be associated with levels of cellular thiols. This invention reports for the first time of thiol-specific biomolecular probing on solid-state mediate. The novel probe is soluble luminogen which comprise an aggregation-induced emission (AIE) luminophore. Relying on the thiolene !呃lick!? mechanism and the AIE effect, a thiol-specific bioprobe in the solid state is resulted. The probe emits when it is exposed to L-cysteine, an amino acid containing a thiol group, but remains nonemissive when exposed to other amino acids that lack free thiol units. Similarly, the emission of TPE-MI was turned on only by the proteins containing free thiol units, such as glutathione.
Potential Application   Advantage
Companies which focus on developing bio-fluorescent probes are welcome to exploit the performance of the probes.   1) Allows detection with high specificity and sensitivity
2) Emission can be easily detected by naked eye
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