Multi-Vinylsulfone Containing Molecule
Patent Information:
Filing Country: USA
Application No: 14/126725
Filing Date: 09 April 2014
Patent No: 9592251
Issue Date: 14 March 2017
Inventor 1: Prof. Ying, CHAU
Inventor 2: Dr. Yu, YU

Novelty of this new technology rests in the newly developed polymers and the new drug release mechanism. The special nature of the polymers allows controlled release of eye drug for effective treatment upon in situ gel formation. In contrast with existing pre-formed hydrogel, in situ gel is administered as liquid. The new system does not only help greatly reduce discomfort arising from irritation to the eye during drug administration, but also allows controlled release of eye drug for effective treatment. Further, the hydrogel precursor under ambient conditions is in liquid state, thereby allowing filling in separable dose and mass production.
Potential Application   Advantage
Efficacy would be reduced if the drug release rate is too fast or too slow. The new way of drug delivery offered by this new system allows controlled release of drug, enhancing efficacy while reducing the frequency of drug administration.

Studies on potential use of this new technology with different eye drugs and practicability of the in situ gel formation have been on-going.

Ocular therapeutics is a booming focus area of biopharmaceutical companies in the recent years. Incorporating this new technology at the early drug development stage would enhance market competitiveness of the new products.
  1) Allows controlled release of eye drug, increases efficacy and reduces drug administration frequency
2) Drug administration does not cause discomfort, and is easier for patients to accept
3) The technology can be applied to the preparation of new drugs
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