Process, Apparatus and Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment
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Application No: 201180059312.4
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Inventor 1: Prof. Guanghao, CHEN
Inventor 2: Dr. Ho Kwong, CHUI
Inventor 3: Mr. Peng, BAI

Membrane Enhanced Primary Treatment (MEPT) is a wastewater treatment process utilizing a novel high flux and non-fouling membrane. The conventional step of primary sedimentation can be eliminated using this process, resulting in significant reduction in sludge production, energy consumption, and plant operating cost.
Potential Application   Advantage
Conventional biological wastewater treatment technology makes use of microfiltration membranes to separate the sludge from the mixed liquid. To ensure proper functioning of the membrane, special operations have to be arranged to prevent biofouling of the membrane. These operations result in the increase in energy consumption and operation cost, as well as reduction of effective operational duration. By using the MEPT process, the off-tank cleaning step can be eliminated, resulting in a more efficient sewage treatment process.   - Non-fouling membrane
- Reduced sludge production
- Energy saving
- Reduced operation cost and space requirements
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