Droplet Generator Based on High Aspect Ratio Induced Droplet Self-Breakup
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1. Filing Country: USA
Application No: 15/547763
Filing Date: 31 July 2017
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2. Filing Country: China
Application No: 201680013997.1
Filing Date: 05 September 2017
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3. Filing Country: Hong Kong
Application No: 18101306.7
Filing Date: 26 January 2018
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Inventor 1: Prof. Shuhuai, YAO
Inventor 2: Dr. Xiaonan, XU
Inventor 3: Dr. Hongbo, ZHOU
Inventor 4: Mr. Jianjie, LU

This invention is the structure of microfluidic device that is capable of producing monodisperse populations of droplets with a fast rate in a manner that lends itself to parallelization. The structure consists of flowing a continuous and disperse phase through a rectangular channel with an aspect ratio of at least 3 through a nozzle and into a collection chamber with one pressure source. The droplets formed in high flow rate due to a Rayleigh-Plateau instability is less sensitive to fluctuations than other methods of droplet formation. The high-throughput droplet generation will be achieved in simple integration and operation.
Potential Application   Advantage
Droplets in microfluidic systems can work as miniaturized reactors for their unique features such as high-throughput, minimal reagent consumption, contamination-free, fast response, and isolation of individual space, and therefore droplet-based microfluidics has recently emerged as a potential platform for chemical and biological assays. These highly monodisperse droplets are employed for academic and industrial applications including material synthesis, drug delivery, and diagnostic testing. Some droplet based digital polymerase chain reaction systems were recently employed to diagnose rare DNA mutation in a diluted sample with superior sensitivity. Though droplet based microfluidics as a miniaturized reactors has various advantage, but the high cost, low throughput and laborious operation still limit this technology to engage wider attention. The present invention is able to develop the maneuverable, low cost and easy fabricated high throughput droplet generators for various application based on HIDS structure. This can enable the microfluidics technology to be transferred from laboratory to practical applications.   - High throughput and easy fabricated
- Low cost
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