Licensed applications # Know-how * Multidisciplinary

Data Transmission System
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.080-G)


Method and Apparatus for Coding an Image Object of Arbitrary Shape
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.119-G)


Methods and Apparatus for Hiding Data in Halftone Images
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.120-G)


Methods and Apparatus for Hiding Data in Halftone Images
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.132-G)


Method and System for Interpolation in Color Images
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.158-G)


Method of Manufacturing an Integrated Electronic Microphone Having a Floating Gate Electrode
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.162-G)


Efficient Rate Allocation for Multi-Resolution Coding of Data
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.183-G)


Efficient Multi-Frame Motion Estimation for Video Compression
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.221S-G)


Content Adaptive De-Interlacing Algorithm
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.254S-G)


Optimal Denoising for Video Coding
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.273S-G)


Effective Rate Control for Video Encoding and Transcoding
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.274S-G)


Scalable Island Multicast for Peer-to-Peer Media Delivery
SIM: 用于對等網絡多媒體流的可擴展島嶼多播
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.300S-G)


Distributed Storage to Support User Interactivity in Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.301S-G)


Peer-to-Peer Interactive Media-on-Demand
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.311S-G)


Advance Macro-Block Entropy Coding for Advanced Video Standards
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.331-G)


Decoding with Embedded Denoising
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.338-G)


Rate Control and Video Denoising for Noisy Video Data
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.344-G)


System and Method for Encoding Data Based on a Compression Technique with Security Features
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.387-G)


Method and System for Transcoding Based Robust Streaming of Compressed Video
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.393-G)


Method and System for Encoding Multimedia Content Based on Secure Coding Schemes Using Stream Cipher
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.394-G)


Scalable Island Multicast for IPTV Multimedia Streaming
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.401-F)


A Method and System for Undoing Denoising in Hybrid Video Coding/Decoding
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.423-G)


Scalar Quantization Using Bit-Stealing for Video Processing
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.432-G)


Stream-Switching in a Content Distribution System
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.678-G)


System and Methods for Analysis of User-Associated Images to Generate Non-User Generated Labels and Utilization of the Generated Labels
(HKUST Ref.: TTC.PA.779-F)